Anolon Nouvelle!

So as to celebrate my launching of another blog – or rather, to celebrate the more obvious, that is, my 21st birthday in just a few days, I had this baby delivered to my door.


And this, my dearest ones, is an Anolon Nouvelle frying pan. Now ever since I moved to England in 2011, I have been cooking with the same kit: I bought it from a company called AllUnied – a very useful thing indeed: they prepare all you need (get the pun?) for university in a great big box. A medium-sized frying pan, a medium and a small sauce pan, a colander, a cheese grater, cutlery, a mug and a few more bits and bots. These were really great to get me through my pizza-and-pasta years, honestly.

Now that I’ve gotten over the fact that I can scramble an egg though, I thought I might start updating my cooking kit. So far I’ve bought from my tiny savings a whisk (my all-time favourite of kitchen utensils), a pair of tongs (so awesome I’m still scared to get them dirty), a chopping knife (I don’t let anyone else touch it) and finally, this baby that just walked through my door in a box the hight of my legs.

The speciality of Anolon Nouvelle, first of all, is that the items were created with Raymond Blanc – a chef for whom I hold a warm spot in my heart because he taught me how to make the best cheese soufflé. But on the more technical side, these pans have a three-layer bottom that make them extra special: a stainless steel interior with an aluminium core and a layer of (my favourite!) copper sandwiched in between, which guarantees the absolute perfect heat distribution, while the steel bottom makes sure I can use my pan on all sorts of hobs, including induction. The cherry on top is that the pan is oven-safe up to 270 degrees. And that it’s supper pretty, anyhow.

It is sitting next to me as of now – I am a little scared to get it dirty. I’m a bit full from the noodles I had for lunch, plus my fridge is – quite depressingly – empty. So it will probably have to wait until tomorrow when I am making… oh dear… spaghetti carbonara.

I said oh dear because this is a cooking blog and the first thing I will be making is pasta. Boo. But mind you, I won’t be buying the cheap and tasteless pasta sauce. No sir, this is going to be one hell of a sauce with double cream because I like it heavy, with tasty, fresh Parmesan (okay, this one I can’t guarantee) but definitely freshly grated black pepper and hey! What is carbonara without freshly grated black pepper?

Anyway, say hello to my little friend!

P.S. Yoghurt. I want a plain yoghurt tonight. Do news agents sell yoghurt?

About sgrvrnk

Vera Sugár, graduate with a journalism and creative writing degree, started writing at the age of 10. Passionate about literature, arts, history and languages, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her works are available at
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4 Responses to Anolon Nouvelle!

  1. Lisa says:

    Yay! I’d like to buy a new one too. 🙂

  2. sgrvrnk says:

    Will post about how it is in use 🙂

  3. Nagyi says:

    you should get some bonus from Anolon.Perhaps one more pan?!?!

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