Pecorino with white truffle honey, say what?

Today I stumbled upon a Christmas market just at the end of my street. I have seen the signs up so technically I didn’t really stumble upon it, I went. But it didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected! (That’s a positive thing most of the times.)

I was mainly expecting to see stalls ran by school kids, seeing as the market was organised on the grounds of a primary school – I was expecting hand-made post cards and clay figures and colourful, unwearable necklaces but alas, I was wrong! The stalls were actually mostly for parents, ranging from gourmet vodka and gin through hand-brewed cider to creative kitchenware and all that I could wish for. I actually tried apple gin that had a syrup-like, brown texture and smelled and tasted absolutely gorgeous. Had it not been £12 a tiny bottle, I would probably be making a lot of typos whilst trying to describe the taste…

But instead of purchasing alcohol, I stepped to the next stall where tiny cubes of cheese were lined up neatly and a tiny jar of honey, I could not imagine why. Then I got caught by the lady behind this very stall and she urged me to try the Pecorino cheese with the white truffle honey.

photo 5

Weird, right? You wouldn’t think honey and cheese can make such a handsome pair. But when I did dip a piece of pecorino into the honey and tasted it, I got so carried away by it that I immediately purchased a tiny portion of the pair for £10 – whether it was a rip-off, I did not have time to consider – this taste, I had to have it! Let’s face it, I would have ended up buying it, had I stood there thinking for another minute.

If you have ever tried the Norwegian brown cheese, that is the most similar taste that I can think of. Pecorino is a hard, strong and a little salty – it is like Cheddar that has tasted the water of eternal life. And that truffle honey is not your average honey – it is probably even a little sweeter, but somehow not. It is really rather strange how exquisite it tasted, and these two together, well I think they were meant to be.

Coming up soon on the blog: my surprise birthday-dessert is ready and the recipe and picture will be coming up soon. Hints: it involves strawberry, a lot of whisking and folding and Julia Child has a lot to do with it. Can you guess what it is?

Also soon:‘s very own Chef John agreed to do a mini-interview with me via email – it is done, it is here and I will be posting it very shortly, so keep checking back!

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1 Response to Pecorino with white truffle honey, say what?

  1. Nagyi says:

    is it worth to try pecorino with any other honey?it sounds great!

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