Chocolate cream pie – quick, easy and irresistible

You know how you get soufflés and cakes and pastries with chocolate? Well this pie is not with chocolate, it is chocolate. It is super simple to make, especially if you are using a pre-made pie crust, and tastes like happiness in cream consistency. The walnut on top is optional, but I think it looks rather cute. Nothing fancy here, just pure chocolate and a little more chocolate.

choccream pie


For this recipe, you’ll need:

150 g sugar
50 g flour
500 ml milk
100 g dark chocolate – use dark even if you prefer milk chocolate, because the sugar will make it sweet enough
3 egg yolks
A big cube of butter (about 30 g)
1 tbsp vanilla extract for extra flavour

(Keep in mind that this is just the filling. You can watch and learn the best pie crust recipe I know here, but you can also just buy a simple, roll-out pie crust to make life easier.)

The method is really simple as well – that’s the good news!

Pre-bake your pie shell by smoothing it into your dish, covering it with aluminium foil and weighing it down with beans or rice or beads or coins or anything heavy that will keep the bottom from bubbling up. This is called blind-baking. Bake until it is nice and golden and flaky.

Start off your filling by chopping your chocolate to match sticks (or tiny pieces, really). Pour your milk, flour and sugar into a sauce pan – put this onto the hob on a medium heat and stir until it is combined. Then add your chocolate and turn the heat up a tiny bit, just so you can thicken your mixture. You want a thick, creamy texture and this shouldn’t take you more than 5-7 minutes.

When your mixture is thick enough, take it off the heat. Separate your eggs and put the yolks into a mixing bowl. Add to this about 2 tablespoons of your hot chocolate mixture and whisk vigorously to avoid cooking the eggs. Make sure it is all well combined, then back into the saucepan it goes and back onto the heat. Cook this for about 1 and a half minutes.

Take your mixture off the heat and mix in your cube of butter and vanilla until it has melted. You’re good to go! Pour it into your pie crust (which you have pre-baked, right?) and let it cool. When it has cooled down enough, put it in your fridge and chill until it has set enough to cut.

I can promise that this pie will make any sad day a delight. Pinky-swear.

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2 Responses to Chocolate cream pie – quick, easy and irresistible

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Wow…that looks incredible.


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