Bollito Misto – If I ever had a restaurant…

If I ever had a restaurant, I would definitely… definitely… make this my winter special. This dish is so delicious, so full of flavour and colour and so satisfying that it left me wondering if I could just make this every day for the rest of my life.

Bollito misto is originally an Italian dish, and apparently served on Christmas eve – a similar version of this, at least. My version is based on Gordon Ramsay’s recipe, although on a budget.

I also finally put my Anolon frying pan into motion, and the result was fantastic! It was really handy as this dish can use the even heat distribution (lentils can be a drag to cook) and it worked perfectly.

bollitomisto (4)

For this ultimate winter warmer for one person, you will need:

1 Chorizo sausage – now this is quite generic, so I’ll explain. Chorizo sausages usually come in U-shaped “pairs”, fastened together with a piece of string. Cut the string and use about 3/4 of the whole which, on its own, looks like an individual piece of sausage. If that makes sense.
2 Italian sausages – I got these from my South-African shop, but you could probably use any well-flavoured sausage that you fancy
1 carrot, peeled
100 g of lentils – I used green lentils, but you could use any that you can find
1 clove of garlic, peeled and chopped
300 ml chicken stock
Dried parsley and dried thyme to add extra flavour

So to start off this dish, heat up your frying pan and a bit of olive oil. Make sure that when you pop your sausages in there, they’re sizzling. Brown your Italian sausages on all sides. No need to cook them through, just make sure they’re nice and brown. Remove from the pan and replace with the Chrozio sausages (gosh, is there anything that has a better smell than Chorizo?). Cook these until they release their beautiful, red juices and flavour the oil – it will actually turn red, like the sausage, and the smell will be unbelievable. Remove these as well.

Next, add your chopped carrots and garlic to the pan and fry for 1-2 minutes in that beautiful, red oil. Add your lentils, stirring them for a few seconds, then top with your sausages and finally, the chicken stock. Season the mix with black pepper, thyme and parsley – do not add salt, as the Chorizo has enough in it to season the whole mixture. Now a bay leaf would have been a fantastic addition so if you have some at home, add one. Unfortunately, it is one of the many things I tend to not keep at home.

Cook your bollito until the lentils are tender – I stood above it for a good 35 minutes and added a splash of water every time it would get too thick. Make sure the lentils are cooked through.

Serve with a nice garnish of parsley. It is also good to have a slice of bread at hand – those juices are just too good to not eat!

So delicious and so easy – you’d be crazy not to give it a try!

bollitomisto (1)

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