Chicken Stroganoff – This smell in the kitchen…

News: the blog might be moving soon because apparently WordPress does ot agree with my iternet supplier – I am writing this from my library. Darn.
Anyway, today wasn’t the greatest of days. So I came home and made chicken Stroganoff and that made everything a little better. Just a little.
Now I know that if I tell you I put double cream in it instead of sour cream, you may say whaaa – that’s not Stroganoff. But I guarantee, the taste is just as nice (if not better), and even though the sauce is a lot more runny than it would be with sour cream, it really tastes like Heaven.

stroganoff (1)

I used one green pepper and a whole onion as garnish for the chicken – and I had to be not-so-generous with the paprika, because I only had the hot kind. (Hence why you don’t see much red there.) If you want to try my version of this originally Russian delicacy, here’s the recipe to get you started:
1 green pepper, thinly sliced
1 onion, sliced
A generous amount of paprika

Double cream, about 100ml

White wine, a generous splash, about 300ml

300ml chicken stock
Two chicken legs
Serves one hungry person.
Season your chicken with salt, pepper and paprika, rubbing the latter into the meat properly. Heat oil in a large frying pan and brown your chicken on all sides. Discard from the pan. In the same pan, fry your sliced onion and pepper for 1-2 minutes with another generous pinch of paprika, then pour your white wine in.
Reduce to about half and add your chicken stock.Keep this boiling and add your chicken back to the pan – boil until chicken is tender and stock has reduced to about 1/3. Finally, add your cream and heat until thick. Serve with an extra pinch of paprika.
Bon appetit!
PS. Next up – a review of Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill (which I am visiting tonight). Hype!

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