The Savoy Grill – Oh my, oh my…

So yesterday I had a chance to dine at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill on the Strand. Boy, was it fancy.

The restaurant sits in the bottom of the Savoy Hotel, with the entrance in the beautiful lobby with a fireplace and doormen in fancy hats and white gloves. The design inside reminds you of old Paris bistros, or maybe an opera booth; gorgeous chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling and the walls are deep red. A lot of mirrors all around make the place brighter and look bigger and the carpets are deep red too.

The staff are very friendly and professional – and the food… well… the food is a little miracle.

(And can I just say this: the Savoy’s toilets alone are worth a visit.)


Our starters: In first place, baked Hereford snails with red wine sauce and garlic butter (the sauce itself was enough to pleasure anyone). The second was the night’s special, a terrine, accompanied by a delicious beetroot garnish (terrine! I mean, where else are you going to get terrine?). The third picture is a beautiful Endive salad with delicious goat’s cheese.

On to our main courses. We tried the seabass en papillote, which means the fish was cooked in a little parcel with ginger and served with fresh pasta. The flesh was soft, it almost melted in one’s mouth – an absolute delicacy.

The star of the night (at least for me) had to be the lobster thermidor though. This is a dish that is brought to perfection, it is worth every penny – the lobster comes in its shell with a creamy, light sauce that is just a tiny bit crisp on the top. The sweetness of the flesh and the creamy texture of the sauce go so well together, it made me wish I’d never finish eating.

The third main course was a dish of scallops (a perfect, simply perfect creature, if I may say), garnished with hazelnut and langoustine butter. The garnish went perfectly with the simply amazing taste of the scallops, and was served in shells – a nice touch.


Finally, the desserts: a créme brulée, an apple and blackcurrant soufflée and a chocolate marquise – very nice, the soufflé incredibly light, it was simply the right thing to finish the meal off with.


All in all, the Savoy Grill was as I expected – elegant, with perfect atmosphere, and absolutely fantastic food. Gets a 5/5 from me. I just hope one day I’ll be rich enough to return, if nothing else, for their lobster thermidor!


About sgrvrnk

Vera Sugár, graduate with a journalism and creative writing degree, started writing at the age of 10. Passionate about literature, arts, history and languages, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her works are available at
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