Restaurant review: Big Easy, Chelsea

There’s this restaurant I found on TimeOut London’s website called Big Easy. I found it a while ago and was aching to see it for myself – it had all the things I love including sea food, all you can eat and awesome cocktails. Well finally on Tuesday my boyfriend and I paid a special Christmas visit to the restaurant to see what the fuss was about.
Big Easy has everything you want from an American-style restaurant – cute tables with square-pattern table cloth and cocktails and cheesy Christmas lights and awesome music. And so many people for a Tuesday!
Now the exciting thing is that from Monday to Wednesday, Big Easy offers different all you can eat menus, and on Tuesday it is all you can eat shrimp. I mean, come on, do I need to say that twice?
For the perfectly suitable price of about £17, you get, for starters, about 10 massive shrimps in a cute basket with coleslaw, chips and two sauces, something like this:
big easy 1 (3)
The refills come in tiny metal buckets, 4 at a time – at least the first time, because we could hardly manage the first refill. With the meal, you can also either have one frozen Margarita (and I promise they do not go cheap on the alcohol!) or a beer. I’d recommend the Margarita, it was stunning! That is, if you like tequila.
Seeing as we arrived a little early, we also had a chance to check out the bar, and what do you know? They had 2 for 1 frozen Margaritas. I was tipsy by the time we were sat down.
Big Easy is a great place to fill your tummy and have a great time (I hear they also have concerts every night from 8:30!), and another proof that you don’t need that much money to have a great time. Definitely recommended!

big easy 2 (1)

big easy 2 (2)

big easy 1 (4)


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One Response to Restaurant review: Big Easy, Chelsea

  1. Halio says:

    BIG EASY ❤ sooo gooood !

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