Pissaladière Niçoise with goat’s cheese

It was about time I got a little homesick – if nothing else, right now I am craving my mum’s cooking. So what better to do on a day off than to recreate my favourite dish?
Pissaladière Niçoise is technically not a quiche, because it doesn’t feature any eggs – and for those of you who feel the need to put tomatoes on it, please don’t, this is not a pizza.

pissaladiere (3)

Now, the official recipe features the following: onions (duh), anchovies and black olives. Done. However! Kudos goes to my mum who discovered that anchovy paste works much much better, seeing as you can spread it on the bottom of the pastry, and it will give an overall salty base for your pissaladière.

Unfortunately but naturally, I couldn’t find any. True though, anchovies look a thousand times more fancy.

The recipe itself is super simple: first, blind bake the pastry. I tried decorating the edges, but I swear, only Julia Child can make patterns in puff pastry stay.

Meanwhile, cook the onions in a pan – I used butter and oil together, because this way, the onions become creamy and glossy, but the butter doesn’t burn. I cooked them on very low heat for a good 30 minutes to make them gooey.

When the onions are ready, place some anchovies on the bottom of the pastry – then fill it up with the onions. To decorate, you can put a few more anchovies on top, and then dot with olives. My addition: soft goat’s cheese. The mild taste goes perfectly with the saltiness of the anchovies and the buttery onion, and when you bake it in the oven, the outside of the cheese turns crisp and the inside will remain gooey. Heaven, or what?

Trust me on this one – this is one hell of a dish. It’s perfect when your onion-allergic boyfriend is out of town… heaps and heaps of onion, here and now.

pissaladiere (1)
So damn good!

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Vera Sugár, graduate with a journalism and creative writing degree, started writing at the age of 10. Passionate about literature, arts, history and languages, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her works are available at http://goodaswinter.wordpress.com.
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