Honey and Mustard Pork Chop with Lamb’s Lettuce and Crusty Bread – Sounds more fancy than it is

This is yet another quick and easy recipe to do something more with the meat than just fry it. Also, I have invented the first vinaigrette that worked for me – and what’s this? Am I starting to enjoy the taste of white wine vinegar? What kind of sorcery is this?

honeymustardpork (3)For the chop: heat the pan with a little oil until hot, then lay the meat into the pan with the fat away from you. Fry for two minutes, then turn and add a nob of butter. When the butter has melted, baste the meat with it to keep it moist. With the tongs, lift the meat and press the fat into the hot pan to sear it and make it crispy. When done, let rest for ten minutes.

For the vinaigrette, I used:
Dijon mustard
White truffle honey – only because that’s what I have, make it honey is the point
Some dry parsley
Salt, pepper
White wine vinegar
Olive oil

Whisk everything but the oil together. When all combined, add the olive oil very slowly, in a thin stream, while whisking constantly. Season to taste. Delicious.

For the salad:
Buy lamb’s lettuce. Or lettuce. Or any salad. Done.

For the bread:

In all fairness, I didn’t do anything to the bread because the euphoria that fresh, crusty bread gave me is indescribable. Like I got home from Waitrose and instantly sliced myself a slice and ate it plain. God, I missed this.

Anyway, voilá, your perfect everyday dish in about 10 minutes. Easy-peasy.

About sgrvrnk

Vera Sugár, graduate with a journalism and creative writing degree, started writing at the age of 10. Passionate about literature, arts, history and languages, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her works are available at http://goodaswinter.wordpress.com.
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