Soft Lamb Chops with Red Wine Sauce

I haven’t bought lamb in ages. The last time I did, I bought a big piece for our flat Christmas dinner last year, stuffed it and cooked it for an hour and something – but for some reason, since then, I think of lamb as some super-expensive, fancy dinner that should be eaten only on special occasions.
Yesterday though, I bought some small lamb chops (boneless), and they turned out so juicy and fine, I think I’ll be buying lamb a lot more from now on.
redwinelamb (1)Here’s how I prepared them (and had a lot of fun doing it too!):
I seasoned the chops on both sides, then seared the lamb chops on high heat for 2 and a half minutes on one side or until coloured, then turned them and browned them on the other side. Still on high heat (and this is my favourite part), I added a generous splash of red wine and let it bubble away until reduced and all the alcohol has burned off. Then, I added a splash of water for a bit more texture and let that reduce too.
At this point, the lamb chops were ready. The texture on the outside seemed a bit rubbery, but turned out pink and extremely soft on the inside. Splashed with the sauce, it was an absolute delicacy. The cuminy potatoes were my boyfriend’s request – he liked them so much last time, we went with them again.
redwinelamb (3)
I’d advise for anyone to try this easy method – with enough seasoning (and a pinch of cayenne as usual), this dish really tastes amazing. And for those with more experience: any good tips on how to cook lamb? They were delicious like this, but I’d love to experiment with it.

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4 Responses to Soft Lamb Chops with Red Wine Sauce

  1. mrsaldred says:

    Look divine. Thought of thickening up the joux with some cornflour/creme fraiche? Looks lush though!

  2. mrsaldred says:

    Also I find a quick sear then finishing on low heat in the oven helps – need a pan thag can do both though! Then cooking off sauce in same pan whilst resting means theyre even jucier!

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