Over-Simplified But Time-Saving Paella – I’ve Made Peace With Jamie

I’ve always, always preferred Gordon Ramsay over Jamie Oliver. I mean, you just have to take sides in the epic chef-off when you live in England, don’t you? Ramsay is, no doubt, the god of cooking for me. Well, the side of him you don’t see on Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, but the one you see on his Ultimate Cookery Course for example.
On the other hand, having watched a whole minute of Jamie, I decided I didn’t like him. After Gordon’s dead-serious, prof cooking, you’ve got this ligh-hearted, easy come easy go guy with his simple omelettes and his 30 minute meals… I wasn’t used to this kind of slacking off.
But now that I have a TV licence and I get to see his shows from time to time, I have to admit, Jamie kind of grew on me. Also, a friend of mine got me a Jamie cookbook for my birthday, which was kind of like getting someone a mug (no idea what they like but good intentions) – and having flicked through time and time again, last week was the first time I found something I wanted to try.
paella (2)
This chicken and chorizo paella is a sweetly simplified and cheaper version of the true Spanish dish – but when you don’t want to spend too much and feel like cooking something out of the ordinary, this is perfectly satisfying. (By the way, I call the little afro-man Louie, and he is a washing up sponge officially. I think he looks better just standing there though, next to the red microwave.)
Since the recipe isn’t mine, you can view it Here. Honestly though, give it a try – it doesn’t take much skill and it is so delicious.
Something I don’t usually do is take photos of the mise en place, but this recipe was so pretty to prepare that I decided to take a quick picture.

paella (1)

The only thing to remember about this dish is A, season very well, because I swear, no amount of salt and pepper is enough; and B, use a big, shallow dish. I used my Le Creuset casserole since that’s my only dish that seemed suitable for this recipe – but alas, the lowest layer of rice still burned, no matter how hard I kept stirring. It burned so bad and left such a black grease layer that I had to soak the poor thing for 3 days, and even then I had to do some serious scraping to get all of it out from the bottom.

Here’s the result by the way:

paella (3)
paella (4)

All that water got quickly absorbed by the rice (in fact so quickly that you have to keep feeding it water all the time. It’s like the Kraken), and then you’re left with this delicious mix of chicken, chorizo, prawns, peas, carrot and rice. I highly recommend trying this recipe.
Oh and Jamie – my apologies for my lack of trust.

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Vera Sugár, graduate with a journalism and creative writing degree, started writing at the age of 10. Passionate about literature, arts, history and languages, she speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her works are available at http://goodaswinter.wordpress.com.
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