Veggie Patties – Weekly Vegetable Portion, Done

For a while now I felt like I have ran out of inspiration in the kitchen. I mean, it has been chicken and potatoes for quite some time, and I started missing the challenge and the new in dinners. The best thing to do in such a situation for me is to buy a new cook book. And of course, what better way to refresh my love for cooking if not through Gordon Ramsay’s most recent, Ultimate Home Cooking?
While I hate watching the TV show because of all the forced camera happiness in the Ramsay family, the recipes are naturally mouth-watering. I’ve also had a serious vegetable craving for the past few weeks (I mean I am constantly munching on cherry tomatoes!). And since my boyfriend, who is probably the most anti-vegetable person I know, is working late this week, I decided to go with this delicious mix of vegetables and halloumi to catch up on my crunchies.
veggiepatties (4)
(Recipe taken from Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking, edited to what I did and used)
2 carrots, peeled and grated
1 courgette, grated
250 g halloumi, grated
Bucnh of fresh coriander leaves
2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 tbsp breadcrumbs

Put the grated courgette and carrots into a colander, season with salt generously and let drip for a while. The salt helps to get rid of the liquid – which you will definitely definitely need. Try and squeeze out all the liquid to make your patties stick together more.

Put your vegetables into a bowl. Add your grated cheese, shredded coriander and season well with pepper (don’t add too much salt as the cheese is very savoury anyway). Note: Gordon also uses some fresh mint in this recipe, but I’m not a fan. Add your eggs and mix well; finally, add the two tablespoons of breadcrumbs and mix again. The mix should now form into patties easily (squeeze out the remaining liquid whilst you do that). Place them on a plate and cool for 20 minutes until they firm up a bit.

Shallow-fry the patties until the two sides are lightly browned and they are warm thoughout… and you are ready to serve!

I had these with a bit of watercress, dressed with a honey and grainy mustard dressing which went perfectly with the salty patties.

These are so fun to do (or is it weird that I like grating?) and are so good to get some vitamins in. I mean, the weather is getting colder and all that…

veggiepatties (5)

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