Fried Aubergine With Yoghurt Dressing – Sort of Guilt-free Pleasures

So apart from the gigantic cheese burger for lunch and Super Bowl pizza and beer on Sunday, that diet is still going… Sort of. (Yes, that was the same day.)
This salad, if you can call it that, makes a really easy and cheap dinner for anyone trying not to overdo it. All in all, it costs about £5 – that is, if you don’t already have lime, chillies or yoghurt, and it really doesn’t contain a lot of calories.
yoghurtaubergine (5)
For the delicious dip, you only need a few things:
1 pack of yoghurt – I like thick and sour, like strained Greek, but you can use whatever type you prefer
1 whole chilli, finely chopped 
1 small bunch of fresh coriander, stalks and leaves, finely chopped
1/2 lime’s juice
Salt, pepper to taste
These ingredients make a delicious, spicy dip that goes brilliantly with a lot of things. I used them with my sweetcorn fritters, for example, but they would go with any Asian-type dish as well.
As for the aubergine, the recipe is really easy. One technique I learned is to chop up the aubergine into small cubes and salt it generously an hour before cooking – this drains out the liquid and keeps the aubergine nice and crunchy. Before cooking, wash the pieces thoroughly and drain on kitchen paper until completely dry. Fry the cubes in oil until they’re heated through, and you’re done.
Note – Mix the dip and the aubergine only when you’re ready to eat so that it doesn’t brown.
yoghurtaubergine (1)
And there you have it – a delicious side dish or a healthy, low-cal dinner that takes no effort at all. Sounds good, right?
PS. I of course, as every time, managed to scratch my nose right after chopping my chilli. Avoid.

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1 Response to Fried Aubergine With Yoghurt Dressing – Sort of Guilt-free Pleasures

  1. dimshum says:

    ooh this would be a great side to go with some chicken!thanks for the recipe!

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