Orange-flavoured, Oven-baked Pork Chops – An orange-coloured delicious mess

I haven’t cooked in so long. Diet food is so uninspiring sometimes that it isn’t even worth putting on here. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that if I’m having peppered mackerel with brown rice three times a week, then I most likely won’t be very popular with the food blogging community.
When I finally do come around and cook something though, I always love it. Like this recipe – it was one of those days when you toss together what you have, add a little of what you bought, and then something delicious comes out.
orange pork (2)
It’s quite hard to tell from here (bad photography skills strike again) but there is actually more to this picture than potatoes, asparagus tips and two slices of meat. The latter was in fact marinated in a sweet mixture, made up of:
The peel of one orange
The juice of half an orange

2 whole star anise
A splash of balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Salt, freshly ground pepper

So I marinated my pork chops in this for about an hour, until they smelled like a Middle-Eastern dish.

In the meantime, I dressed 0.5 kg of Jersey potatoes in some Maldon salt, thyme and olive oil, and placed them in a hot oven in an oven proof pan. Interestingly, the end result of these potatoes tasted more boiled than roasted, but we’ll come to this in a second.
When the potatoes started to get soft, I added to the pan my pork chops, the orange peel and star anise from the marinade, and poured over the remaining juices. This is when I also chopped up one beautifully bright orange-coloured bell pepper and added it as well. The whole dish was a mix of sweet, sour and acidic, and it smelled absolutely gorgeous.
I let this cook in the oven until the potatoes were boiled and the peppers roasted; I fried up some asparagus tips left over and served it with a soft cheesy roll.
orange pork (1)
Overall, the dish was very tasty, but the pork chops were probably the least interesting part in it. In all honesty, they turned out a little dry, despite the orange-marinade.
The best bits though were definitely the potatoes. I’ve never bought this type before, so it might be the fact that they are Jersey-types, but they came out soft and delicious despite me aiming to roast them – they soaked up all the sweet juices and were absolutely amazing. Paired with the sweetness of the pepper and the crispy, slightly sweet and bitter orange peel, it was really quite the dinner.
If nothing else, the colour is definitely stunning though – and again, it’s one of those dishes where you can just toss in whatever you have at home.

orange pork (3) orange pork (4)

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