Bad Egg – For a truly bottomless brunch, look no further

If you’re looking for a truly bottomless brunch, look no further!
Bad Egg is an American-style diner that very much feels like a pop-up on the weekend, given their brunch menu comes and goes on a weekend-ly basis. That is, although it doesn’t change (and it really doesn’t need to), it is only available for hungry weekenders. Bad Egg is your friend if you are looking for the perfect post-hangover meal, or for a great spot to talk about last night’s mischief. But also if you’re looking for some healthy daytime boozing – to be honest, the party begins here.
Having visited for brunch at 2.30 on a Sunday, Bad Egg provided everything I dreamt of. I didn’t go out on Saturday – this was my party – and it was pretty wild. They don’t kid around about ‘bottomless’. Go for the Mimosa (orange juice and prosecco), and watch as the waiters appear minute after minute, with a jug of prosecco in one hand and a jug of orange juice in the other, to refill your barely touched glass of deliciously acceptable daytime cocktail. Within half an hour, our cheeks were red as the booth we were sitting in.
I disagree with the theory that the three dishes you get for £35 are small – altogether, they make up a perfectly filling meal, and leave you more than content in your alcohol haze. Having devoured a deconstructed cheese burger, fried chicken on maple syrup toast and banana and breakfast tacos, I was more than content. And, needless to say, the Mimosas kept on coming.
I’m not going to lie – the food won’t knock you on your back or make you gasp. The cheese burger with hash was not much more than a fried egg on top of a dry patty, accompanied by some sad-looking cubes of potatoes and barely recognisable onion slices, although the cheese and mustard spiced it up a little for sure. The chicken pieces, barely recognisable, sit on top of the toast like dry balls of rubber – I can’t remember tasting the meat. It was so dry I could barely cut them in half, and really didn’t taste much like chicken.
The tacos, I probably could have done better myself (not to mention they were at best tepid; also forgotten for quite a while by our waitress).
But all that really isn’t a bother when you have a full glass at any given minute, having a great time out with friends and getting unreasonably drunk at 3 PM on a Sunday. Bad Egg is like a boozy bubble you hide in, away from your Sunday blues, and you emerge not knowing where, why or how you are. My walk from Moorgate to Cannon Street station was one of blissful ignorance, not even remembering the looming Monday.
Like I said – look no further. Don’t expect culinary wizardry (or food you would enjoy were you sober). Just enjoy the vibe, and your unlimited booze. I’m totally coming here the morning after my birthday.
Ha, did I say morning? Brunch is served ’till 7 on Saturday…

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