About me, this, us

What are you going to do if you’re in love with cooking?

You will blog about it. Duh.

I love cooking – from party snacks to French delicacies, anything goes. And the more I screw up, the more I learn. Take scrambled eggs – I remember when I used to scramble, season, fry and eat that dry, burnt something from the side of the plate that only mildly remembered being an egg. And now I know not to season before almost ready, and to add a nob of crème fraîche to stop the cooking and to sauté mushrooms separately and… well, that could go on.

This blog is my happy process of learning to cook and your happy (?) opportunity to watch me do it.

For more info (cheesy, eh), here’s my first post, at which time I was better at writing “about”: https://veraiscooking.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/cooking-for-fun-just-got-serious/


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