Photos! (Not great, obviously. Me being a good photographer, even if I wanted to, is never going to happen.)

Bollito Misto

bollitomisto (3)Blondies


Sweetcorn fritters with yoghurt dip


Lemon bars



madeleines (2)

My first boeuf bourguignon with a garnish of pearl onions, mushroom and bacon, accompanied by mashed potatoes

boeuf (4)

Cherry muffins with yoghurt


Cheese soufflé

cheesesouffle (3)

Quiche lorraine with broccoli (mother’s classic!)

quiche (1)

Peanut butter cheesecake

peanutbuttercheesecake (3)

Salmon with crunchy skin and sautéed potatoes

salmonsauteepotatos (2)

Peach with crunchy biscuit and honey filling (own invention. Aha! No, I mean really.)


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